Distributed Knowledge Graphs is a COST Action, i.e., a research and innovation network to connect research initiatives around Europe. A COST Action supports activities such as short-term scientific missions, workshops, and training schools. Our specific Action is centred around the topic of Distributed Knowledge Graphs, i.e., Knowledge Graphs that are published in a decentralised fashion, thus forming a distributed system. Our Action started on 23 September 2020 and lasts for four years.
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Tue, Apr 25th 9AM (MDT)

Metadata for Federated Query Processing in Distributed Knowledge Graphs  

Mon, Feb 13th 9AM (MST)

Working Meeting Privacy and Security in Distributed Knowledge Graphs  

Mon, Sep 25th 9AM (MDT)

Plenary GP3 Meeting  

Thu, Mar 30th 9AM (MDT)

Solid Symposium  Learn more

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