Distributed Knowledge Graphs is a COST Action, i.e., a research and innovation network to connect research initiatives around Europe. A COST Action supports activities such as short-term scientific missions, workshops, and training schools. Our specific Action is centred around the topic of Distributed Knowledge Graphs, i.e., Knowledge Graphs that are published in a decentralised fashion, thus forming a distributed system. Our Action started on 23 September 2020 and lasts for four years.
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Thu, Dec 7th 6PM (CET)

Neurosymbolic Approaches for Robust Domain-Specific Semantic Search: Current Progress and Future Opportunities  Learn more

Wed, Jan 17th 6PM (CET)

Explainability with Knowledge Graphs: what have we learnt?  Learn more

Mon, Mar 4th 6PM (CET)

Semantic Technology in Science: Enhancing Data Stewardship in Support of New Discovery  Learn more

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